Innovate, Share, Collaborate

OM has announced the creation an innovation laboratory focused on data with the aim of rapidly utilizing and understanding artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our ambition is to advance the football industry in several areas, including sports performance, economic and business intelligence, and fan experience.


With this new technological infrastructure, OM aims to accelerate innovation by relying on its collaboration with its existing technological partners like AWS, Orange, Mangrove and Newpricer, but also new partnerships with schools, research centers and start-ups.


The OM Data Lab also aims to advance the football industry as a whole. As soon as a new hypothesis, a study, a discovery can be made public, it can be shared with everyone, in the form of a press release, research thesis, data set, MOOC training, conferences, etc. One of the Lab's missions must obviously be to transmit this knowledge to the next generation of sports professionals.


By relying on the very varied and rich resources of the South of France but also by opening up to international experts (both in the sports industry and in Data in general), the OM Data Lab must bring together expert players in their field, motivated in their objectives, involved in their contributions and aligned with the main lines of study of the Lab.