OM Foundation

Committed to social change

OM Foundation embodies all the social and cultural activities of Olympique de Marseille. It is the symbol of the club’s ongoing commitment to social change and its ambitious goals in this area. 

Olympique de Marseille hopes to transform the enthusiasm of its fans, the commitment of its employees, and the power of its brand into a means of promoting social responsibility, cultural development, and economic opportunity, in particular when working with the most vulnerable communities.

Supporting education

 OM Foundation uses the club’s broad appeal to support and encourage children in their various educational activities.

Encouraging entrepreneurship and access to employment

OM Foundation establishes unique and ambitious partnerships to offer employment opportunities to as many people as possible, in particular those with the fewest resources.  


Promoting sports among kids

 OM Foundation is committed to promoting sports among children and teenagers. The OM Next Generation program is the flagship project of this pillar.

Promoting culture and modern art

 OM Foundation hopes to become a key player in the areas of culture and modern art. A number of artists have already benefited from our support.