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Olympique de Marseille has developed a high-quality academy with state-of-the-art facilities to provide its young players with the best possible chances of succeeding. OM promotes the education and athletic development of its young players. Recruitment and the OM Next Generation partner club network are also key parts of the training center. Discover all the features of our training center.


Soccer school from 6 to 9 years of age / Elite groups from 10 to 13 years of age / Pre-Training from 14 to 15 years of age / Training from 16 years of age.

Facilities: OM Campus for the training of 6 to 13-year-olds. The Robert-Louis-Dreyfus Center for pre-training and training. The RLD Center is also used as a living space on weekends and for the games of the various teams.

Resources: locker rooms, soccer fields, medical unit, video analysis unit, gym, physiotherapist, nutritionist, therapist, fitness trainers, doctors, osteopaths, etc.  

OM Next Generation is a key part of the training center. OM Next Generation is a network of local partner clubs designed to create the Olympique de Marseille of the future. 

Elite teams: one team per category to target performance.

Thanks to its national and international notoriety, OM is often invited to participate all around the world in the most prestigious and notable youth tournaments. Thanks to its reputation in France, OM is often invited to participate in the most prestigious and notable youth tournaments in the world.



OM makes education as high a priority as athletic development

The club works with several high schools and middle schools

We offer a shuttle service to the various schools

Tutoring and educational counseling

Full-time equivalent schooling (FTE)

Follow-up services (career paths and opportunities)

Educational and cultural projects throughout the year

Social awareness

The club strives to educate its players in such a way that they become men who are well-integrated into society and able to meet the medium- and long-term challenges facing future generations.

We believe in honest interaction and treating our young players like adults.

Rules: we enforce strict rules to help our players develop a sense of responsibility and the skills and attitudes that are necessary to succeed at the highest level.

Presentations: The club promotes civic and cultural awareness by way of presentations held throughout the year, drawing in particular from the FFF’s Open Football Club program and local organizations. 

Workshops: we invite the parents of players to participate in workshops on a variety of topics such as nutrition, Mother’s Day, counseling, and welfare.



Recruiters are responsible for scouting, observing, identifying, and reporting. The main role of the OM recruitment team is to scout and recruit young talent locally, throughout France and abroad. OM Next Generation: Our recruitment team is assisted by staff from OM Next Generation. These employees report on players from OM partner clubs.

Supervision: Recruited players are initially supervised by their club’s recruitment team, who take great care to assess their athletic abilities and, in particular, their aptitude for listening and teamwork and their relationships at home and at school. If the players meet the criteria, they are invited to participate in practices and tournaments.