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Olympien of the Month | February

Olympien of the Month
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On Thursday 28 February 2019 at 11:30

The final

There were nearly 75,000 votes in the semi-finals as supporters have chosen Mario Balotelli (60% of votes against Florian Thauvin) and Boubacar Kamara (56% of votes against Maxime Lopez) as finalists.

It is now time to vote for the player you would like to win the title of #OlympuedMonthPuma. For this you just have to comment on your favorite's name on the post below.



ONE supporter to present the potm honour

By participating in the vote, you may be selected as the lucky winner to hand the trophy to the player named #OlympienduMoisPuma just before the OM - OGC Nice fixture. Do not wait; go vote!