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Rudi Garcia to leave the club at the end of the season

Posted by
Adam Geigerman
On Wednesday 22 May 2019 at 03:34


On his departure

"I decided to leave and I proposed this solution to my president, which he accepted. If I only listened to my determination and my ego, I would stay but if I listen to my common sense and my reason, I have to stop. Why? Because I believe enormously in this project. In two and a half years, I was part of this project and, for the sake of it, I think it's better that I leave now. It has been a great pleasure to coach OM.

"I learned a lot - and not just from the successes at OM, but also the challenges. I'm not just thinking of last year's 77 points and the Europa League final. I think this season has taught me more than any other season. It is a season that was not good enough, because we are not where we want to be. I fully assume responsibility for this failure, for not returning this club to the Champions League. I am proud to have collaborated with OM. I hope Frank McCourt will stay a long time, for the good of the club. My decision to leave has come about little by little. The important thing is that OM progresses through the coming seasons. It's a team that still has resources and potential, more than we have shown this season. I strongly believe in the OM project."

Garcia thanks his players

"I did not come to a press conference without telling the players first. What I said in the dressing room is between them and me. I took the opportunity to thank them, those who were here before I arrived and those who were here this season. They have always performed well, professionally. This is a good group and those who will be there next year will have a role in improving because they have the potential."

His memories

"The worst memory is the match against Rennes last season (defeat 1-3, AET) and my best memory is the game against Leipzig (5-2 win, AET). Just having exeperienced that match versus Leipzig, it was special to me. To experience what we did here against Leipzig will never be forgotten. It shows that OM is a club above the others. I find that the 32 months I spent here have been satisfactory. I prefer to keep all things positive."

On the failed season

"We should have done better. We have a lot of players who were not at their best. The central core is a good representation of success for the future. Our leaders were important but they were not always at their best, each one. It did not turn out as we wanted. The real big disappointment, and even humiliation, was our elimination against Andrézieux in the  Coupe de France. The pivotal moment was certainly OM-Angers (2-2)."

On the rest of his career

"I have no plans to bounce back. But after the moment it's official, there are always things that open. If I see a very interesting project, I will pay attention to it and if it is not the case, I will wait."

On the match of Friday

"The players know what I expect from them: professionalism. We will have to build a defense because Amavi is suspended and Kamara has joined the national team. What we are sure of is that Bouna and Rolando will play. We will see with Adil. Mario did not train normally this week, neither did Adil. There are two more sessions for us to see. Montpellier is a good team. The players showed Toulouse that they were motivated and focused and they will be the same on Friday."

On the non-selection of Mandanda and Lopez

"I'm disappointed for my players and I'm going to talk to them to find out what their state of mind is."


A tribute to Garcia

"There are few jobs as difficult as coaching. It is a job that requires an exceptional character. Coaches are subject to extraordinary stress and pressure. These tacticians deserve a lot of recognition and respect. I have a lot of respect for Rudi. First of all, because he will always be a coach that brought OM to a European final. I have a lot  admiration for him also, because he has passed the 100 match milestone.

"Rudi has the highest win percentage among coaches who have passed this milestone. Last year, he showed us an attacking team, a gritty team, and a team that scored the most goals in 40 years. I also respect him as a person. This season is a failure, but his attitude throughout this season, and in recent days have shown he has a sense of responsibility and respect for the institution of Olympique de Marseille. Rudi is a great coach, a man of great qualities. I would like to thank him sincerely because he was part, along with others, of the team that gave hope to this cluband put it on a path of high ambition. Today we leave this season disappointed, but our ambition is here and we have hope too. I want to thank Rudi for all he has done and wish him the best through the rest of his coaching career. Rudi will leave us next week after the final match. I do not regret the choice to give Rudi a new contract in the winter. It was a strategic decision to extend a coach, an educated decision. I have no regrets that I chose Rudi to start this project and if it had been done again, I would do the same."

On the search for the new coach

"This is not a subject for today, but we are already working actively on it. It's a very important choice. We will give ourselves the time to find the coach that's best suited for this new cycle of the project. "

Review of the season

"I have not done a detailed review of the season. Obviously there is a lot of disappointment. We could not have imagined a season as exciting as last year. We had, I believe, done everything to make this team even better than the team you saw last season. But in football, we are sure of nothing and it's just like that. I also note that we can still finish fifth, but it will not be a consolation prize. Our ambitions are not gone and we will show that in the coming weeks. "


"Over the last 20 years, the average length of a coach at OM has been nine months. Trying to build stability in the management of this club is an essential factor and we will continue to display this philosophy. "

Jacques-Henri Eyraud confirms Andoni Zubizarreta will stay

"Andoni Zubizarreta continues his work at OM. There will be adjustments, changes to start in a new cycle and we will take stock soon. "