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Bilal Nadir prolonge avec l'OM

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On Wednesday 13 March 2024 at 01:29
Bilal Nadir has extended his contract with Olympique de Marseille until 2026.

Bilal Nadir, our 20-year-old midfielder, today initialled the documents binding him to Olympique de Marseille until June 2026 with Chairman Pablo Longoria.

He then gave us his first impressions.


How do you feel about the extension of your contract until 2026?

"I'm relieved and very happy to be able to continue my adventure with Olympique de Marseille. My contract was about to expire and I was in a difficult position. It's a great sign of confidence that the club has shown in me by extending my contract, and I'd like to thank the directors."


You had a knee operation five weeks ago. How did it go? How far have you got?

"The news of my injury was complicated. I had to digest it. I quickly put myself in a bubble and I'm lucky enough to be very well surrounded within the team. I knew it was going to be a long-term injury. I had an operation a few weeks ago and today things are progressing very slowly."


What are your plans for the rest of your Olympic adventure?

"I'm very proud to be continuing my adventure at OM, and the confidence the club has shown in me makes me even more determined to come back and help them in the future...".


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