Health and safety procedures

As part of the measures taken against COVID-19, Olympique de Marseille welcomes visitors in the best health and safety conditions:

Health procedures have been set up to conform with the government's procedures for hosting major public events.

All ticket-holders must show a valid "Health Passport" with a QR Code.


Please check the prevailing regulations on match day.


Anyone without a health passport or with an invalid health passport will be refused admission to Orange Vélodrome and will not be able to request a full or partial refund on tickets.



pass vaccinal recap
What is a valid health passport?

One of the three documents below, including the QR code 2D-DOC:


  • A vaccination certificate. As long as you have completed a vaccination schedule and enough time has gone by since the final injection, or
  • A negative PCR or antigen test taken within the past 72 hours, or
  • The result of a positive PCR or antigen test taken after recovering from Covid-19, dating from at least 11 days and less than 6 months.


pass vaccinal qr code
How to get the QR Code
  • After your test via the link received in the text message sent by SI‑DEP.
  • If you cannot find the text message, your certificates are available on the SI-DEP website.
  • On completion of your vaccination schedule on


Importing your test certificate or vaccination certificate:



visuel formats pass vaccinal
What are the accepted formats for the health passport?

It is recommended to show a document in digital format on the TousAntiCovid application.

But it is also possible to show a printed document or a PDF version on your phone.


You must also have valid ID if a control of identity is required.

Respecting your privacy.

To ensure that your match goes smoothly, our safety staff and stewards are on hand to guide you in and around the stadium, while respecting the health regulations.

Checks are made only to make sure that your health passport is in order. Your personal data will never be stored or exchanged.


When scanning your health passport, our teams will check 3 points:


- Access authorised/refused, according to the health measures applied on the site


- Validity of your health passport


- Your first and last name and your date of birth.


Our club only has access to the result of the test (green or red).

The public authorities which launched this measure are responsible for processing the data for the health passport.

The club will not keep any record of the checks carried out.


Respecting protective measures.

All protective measures are still in force and must be followed in the stadium:


  • Masks are mandatory for everyone aged over 11, from the vicinity of the stadium to the stands.
  • Wash your hands frequently or use a hand sanitiser
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Use single-use tissues
  • Social distancing rules