Rudi Garcia: "It was a magnificent win"

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On Monday 3 September 2018 at 12:41

Rudi Garcia : «We wanted to set the record straigh»

"The win is magnificent because we had a very, very good first period. We whipped around for 45 minutes to give ourselves a magnificent goal, Kostas Mitroglou on a cross from Dimitri Payet is fantastic. And then in five minutes, everything went down by individual mistakes. Adil was unlucky and unhappy. I think the team also wanted to catch up for him, because we have a team that's really supportive, boys who fight for each other. I think they have again demonstrated tonight a steel mind, a character out of the ordinary, not only to equalize, but also to snatch victory. We are delighted. We will be able to work well for the next 15 days."

"It's the victory of a whole group, because Florian Thauvin has changed the face of the match. He came back and made the difference. He put a beautiful goal, too, in combination with Hiroki Sakai. And then he assisted on Valère's goal, who had just returned so it's all good things tonight. We absolutely wanted to win against a competitor like this and on the road. We remembered the slap we took last season here. We wanted to set the record straight. We are happy to offer this to our supporters. Thanks to those who were here tonight and who supported us all matches."