OM - Frankfurt (1-2) | Rudi Garcia's Reaction

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On Saturday 22 September 2018 at 02:56

Rudi Garcia : "We exposed ourselves"

"We lost because at 1-1, 11-v-10, we should not give the opponent the ball and allow a second goal, so that's our fault. As I said, without finding excuses, it's time for video assistance to come in. We've seen how effective it was in the French and other European leagues, and it's not in the European Cup. That did not allow us to benefit from one or two obvious penalties that we should have had. We started well, we had opportunities first to double the lead. But we did not do it, so we were exposed to a scenario like this where the opponent is big, strong and good on a set piece, which allowed them to first equalize and then take the winner."