Pablo Longoria : "it's unacceptable"

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On Sunday 22 August 2021 at 10:11
Pablo Longoria's interview after Nice-OM

Pablo Longoria: "we have decided not to come back to the pitch"


"Ligue 1 decided that the match should resume. But we decided, for the security of our players, who have been attacked and because the pitch was invaded, that we could not return to the pitch, since the security of our players was not guaranteed. 

This is already the 2nd time this season that we've been in this situation: it happened in Montpellier already. There, we decided to resume the match. 

What happened today is completely unacceptable. 

We must set a precedent for French football by taking a stand. Today’s match referee spoke to us: he told Jorge Sampaoli and I that indeed the security of the match was not guaranteed, and that is why he decided to stop the match. 

However, Ligue 1 has decided that the match should resume, to maintain public perception. 

It is not acceptable for us. 

This is why we have decided not to come back to the pitch and it is why we will go back to Marseille tonight."