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Replay | Grégory Sertic's pre-match press conference OM - Montpellier

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On Saturday 7 April 2018 at 09:17

On fitness, health

“I feel better. It was a very complicated time for me. After these two operations, the first was OK, but later my knee reacted badly and we had to re-operate. Today it is much better, I worked well to rehabilitate with the medical staff. I feel good, at 100%. That’s already a nice win for me.”

About the league and the European Cup?

“Both competitions are still very important. If we can hang in and chase second place in the league it would be beautiful. After that, the Europa League is a title we’d like to bring back to our supporters and for OM it could be something extraordinary. In both cases we know that there can be a nice party after, we will try to win on both fronts.”

On Montpellier

“It's going to be a very complicated match. They manage their system very well. Their strong point is defense. I saw their match against Caen and they waited and they countered. Giovanni Sio is in good form right now. It's up to us to claim the match and score as quickly as possible. The atmosphere in the Velodrome will affect the match directly. It is a very comfortable team out wide. Paul Lasne is having a great season and Roussillon can also bring offensive danger and their attackers often take their chances. It's up to us to manage all this, and after having fun offensively and scoring goals.”

The versatility of Kamara

“‘Bouba’ integrates himself. He is a person who speaks a lot while being discreet too. I am seeing him flourish on the field, he is a very good and can become a great player, I think. I hope he stays at OM. He has tremendous potential to continue developing. We sometimes criticize the next generation, but ‘Bouba’ is one of those young people who listen a lot and who integrate quickly and it allows him to make great performances like Thursday.”

On Yohann Pelé

"He is a calm person in the locker room, even if he gives makes some small mistakes from time to time, that’s OK. He is important because of his experience and he is a very good goalkeeper. Today ‘Yo’ is OM's second goalkeeper, and he deserves the chances he gets. We know the qualities he has, he has proven himself last season. We have total confidence in him."