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COVID-19: Donate to Phoceo!

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On Saturday 4 April 2020 at 08:41
It's now possible to make an online donation to the Phoceo Endowment Fund to support frontline workers throughout the current health crisis.

The University Hospitals and Public Assistance of the Hospitals of Marseille have recently created an Endowment Fund called "Phoceo" in order to collect financial donations.

In addition to the numerous offers of help and support (masks, meal delivery, hotel accomodations, disposable equipment, transportation, etc.), Phoceo has received many offers for financial donations.

The funds raised will finance projects and initiatives to support frontline workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The OM Foundation has already donated 50,000 euros and has joined the Phoceo sponsorship committee.


How can i donate?

The fundraising platform is available HERE. It is accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers.


Donations can be one-time or recurring (monthly) at any level. Payments can be made using several methods. Donors, companies and individuals will also be eligible to benefit from tax deductions.


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