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The End of the 2019-20 season - What's it mean for ticketing?

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Here is more information on what the stoppage of the 2019-2020 season means at the Olympique de Marseille ticket office.

Following the stoppage of the 2019/20 Ligue 1 season, supporters of Olympique de Marseille can rightfully wonder what happens to their ticket subscriptions / single-match tickets purchased for one or more of the last 5 matches at home (PSG, DijonFCO, OGC Nice, AS Monaco and FC Metz).


In order to support the culture and sports sectors, the Ministry of Sports published on 8 May an ordinance on ticketing and subscription assets in order to preserve organizers of cultural and sporting events. This order makes it possible to offer a credit to customers for canceled services, in order to benefit from a service of the same kind and of equivalent value.

  Olympique de Marseille complies with this order and will offer three solutions to all holders of subscriptions and tickets affected by cancellations:

  1. Receive a credit usable to subscribe to a service of the same kind and category and of a value equivalent to that canceled. This credit will be valid for a period of 18 months and will make it possible to purchase a service during the 2020/21 season or at the start of the 2021/22 season; ;
  2. To be reimbursed the amount of the credit at the end of its validity period of 18 months, if it has not been used;
  3. Support the club by renouncing the use of credit. In this case, 20% of the amount including tax of the credit will be directly transferred to the OM Endowment Fund, in your name and on your account, in order to reinforce the social actions initiated within the framework of the OM Foundation. As such, the OM Endowment Fund will send you a tax receipt allowing you to benefit from a tax credit in an amount equal to 66% of this amount.

Ticket holders will receive an e-mail during the week of 25 May indicating the procedure.


While the next season promises to be more exciting than ever, these three solutions should allow supporters of Olympique de Marseille to choose the compensation that suits them best, in a spirit of responsibility and solidarity.

Each ticket purchaser will receive an email this week explaining these 3 solutions and all the answers to questions concerning these solutions are on a dedicated FAQ.