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Uber Eats: #SupportersDeNosRestos (#SupportersOfOutRestaurants)

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On Friday 20 November 2020 at 08:30
From 20-29 November, Uber Eats is launching the #SupportersDeNosRestos (#SupportersOfOutRestaurants) operation to continue its support of independent partner restaurants by donating 1 million euros.

Afin de continuer à soutenir les 17 000 restaurants indépendants partenaires - soit 70% des  25.000 restaurants partenaires qui utilisent Uber Eats en France - implantés dans plus de 220 agglomérations françaises, Uber Eats lance une opération de soutien unique : #SupportersDeNosRestos. L’application reversera ainsi 1 million d’euros sous forme de dons attribués par les utilisateurs de l’application lors de leur commande du 20 au 29 novembre. 

In order to continue supporting the 17,000 independent partner restaurants - or 70% of the 25,000 partner restaurants that use Uber Eats in France - located in more than 220 French cities, Uber Eats is launching a unique support operation: #SupportersDeNosRestos (#SupportersOfOutRestaurants). The app will donate 1 million euros in the form of donations made by users when they order from 20-29 November.

With the promo code SUPPORTERSDENOSRESTOS, for any order on the Uber Eats app, users will be able to choose a restaurant, where the order has been placed, to which Uber Eats will donate €10. Uber Eats users are already quite familiar with the mechanics of promotional codes on the app, so Uber Eats wanted to use it here as a real support tool for independent partner restaurants thanks to users promoted as ambassadors.

“In the context of our current health and economic crisis, we continue to support and provide the best possible support to independent restaurants that use Uber Eats in the 220 French cities where we are present. The #SupportersDeNosRestos operation is for us a strong action and a continuation of our initiatives with investments dedicated to supporting the activity of independent restaurants and delivery people,” said Bastien Pahus, General Manager Uber Eats France.

From the first confinement, Olympique de Marseille embarked on multiple solidarity activations to help the most vulnerable. Fully aware of the difficulties currently encountered by many restaurateurs, OM is fully aligned with its major partner and will mobilize to give this operation the greatest possible visibility. In fact, on 28 November, #SupportersDeNosRestos will be visible even inside the Orange Vélodrome, as our players will be wearing a new jersey for the match against FC Nantes.

The #SupportersDeNosRestos logo will be printed onto the front of the Olympique de Marseille jersey, replacing the traditional Uber Eats logo and giving maximum visibility to this solidarity operation. 
Grégoire Kopp, Director of Impact for Olympique de Marseille said: “In these critical times for so many French people, restaurant owners are particularly affected. We fully support the initiative of our major partner UberEats and will mobilize the OM community so that as many Marseille restaurants as possible can benefit from this aid."


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