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Official Statement from OM

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On Saturday 30 January 2021 at 06:51
Official Statement from Olympique de Marseille.

Olympique de Marseille strongly condemns the unacceptable attack on the club this afternoon inside the Robert-Louis Dreyfus training centre.

A few hundred individuals from Ultras supporters groups broke into the site of the Commanderie's training centre, including the professional group's building, by force, and with violence.

Despite the intervention of the police, an unjustifiable outbreak of violence endangered the lives of those present on the site (players, staff, law enforcement, security guards, employees). Thefts were perpetrated and vehicles were damaged. Five trees were burnt with the sole intention of destruction. Damage inside the buildings amounted to several hundred thousand euros.

These irresponsible and unacceptable actions must be condemned with the utmost severity. Olympique de Marseille has all the evidence. They were immediately passed on to the investigators. Complaints will be filed in the next few hours to assert the club's rights against this barbarity.

Jacques-Henri Eyraud : "Three hundred employees are tonight in a state of shock for having lived live or discovered the images of an unspeakable attack against the OM Institution. What happened this afternoon calls for the utmost severity for these troublemakers who claim to be supporters but destroy facilities and threaten employees and players".
Steve Mandanda : "I've been a player at Olympique de Marseille for 13 years. I know everything about this club, I know the love and frustration it can arouse. But today's events sadden me and are unacceptable. We are football players and a sports crisis can in no way justify such a wave of violence. This is a time for appeasement."
Alvaro Gonzalez : "I came to Olympique de Marseille for its history and the passion that surrounds it. This city is wonderful, we all love this club but what we have experienced today must never happen again".