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Statement from Frank H. McCourt

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On Sunday 31 January 2021 at 09:10
Statement from Frank H. McCourt on the serious incidents at Olympique de Marseille's training center in La Commanderie.

Nothing is more important to OM and the management than safety -of our employees, our fans and our community. There can be disagreement from supporters of the club about its management and leadership but we will not tolerate these disagreements translating into violence. OM supporters love their club and it is therefore impossible for me to recognize the supporter status for these small groups of thugs. We will work cooperatively with all authorities to ensure those found responsible for these horrendous acts of violence are held accountable to the full extent of the law.
The times we are going through are troubled, sometimes shaken by uncontrolled actions and yet orchestrated by very malevolent forces. Along with so many citizens in America and around the world, I have been shocked and outraged by the scenes of the Capitol being stormed by irresponsible people obeying injunctions beyond their control. Misinformation and lies, spread by social media, achieved the unthinkable by shaking one of the emblematic centers of Democracy. What happened some weeks ago in Washington DC and what happened yesterday in Marseille follow a comparable logic: a few sources feed an inferno of opinions, invectives, and threats that are amplified by social media creating the conditions that lead to violence and chaos.
With President Jacques-Henri Eyraud, we are pursuing a policy of reorganization and recovery of the club. This wave of violence leads me more than ever to reaffirm my will and my commitment to the OM and the people of Marseille. These dark forces wish to destroy the work accomplished, but they only strengthen us in the execution of our plan and in the achievement of our objectives. It is far easier to destroy than to build. We are builders. With the whole team and its President, OM will continue on its way.