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On Tuesday 16 March 2021 at 09:49
Olympique de Marseille presents the new organisational structure of the sports sector.

Under the direction of President Pablo Longoria, a technical commission was created to oversee all sports departments, from pre-training to professional teams.
It will consist of : 

  • Nasser Larguet, Directeur of the Training Centre
  • David Friio, appointed Technical Director in charge of the professional team and scouting
  • Matthieu Bouchepillon, appointed Performance Director in charge of technical data collection and analysis.

This new organisation is fully in line with Pablo Longoria's desire to bring together all the components that are essential to the success of the sports project and the permanent search for unity within the club.
Pablo Longoria : "In my desire to put football back at the heart of the project, this commission must serve to bring together and develop in total collaboration all the players who make up the sports sector. The success of this project can only be achieved through unity, the demand for performance and respect for the OM identity."