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Official Communication from OM - Supporters Groups

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On Friday 19 March 2021 at 07:07
Olympique de Marseille the associations officially recognized by the Club (CAOM, CU 84, DODGER’S, FANATICS, MTP, WINNERS, HANDIFAN CLUB) announce a new collaboration project aiming to re-establish the supporters at the heart of OM.



As the result of discussions between all the representatives of the supporters' groups and club president Pablo Longoria, this new governance is based on three pillars: association, structure and cooperation.

Involve the groups in the club's sporting life:  

  • Encouraging members of the supporters' groups to visit to training sessions, organising regular meetings with managers and players, introducing new players to the groups, and setting up a Supporters' Party, are all actions taken onboard for the realisation of this new collaboration model. Thus, through these actions, every member of the sporting sector will be imbued with the duty to be demanding and exemplary when wearing the Olympique de Marseille shirt. 

To structure the relationship between the supporters' groups and the Club by setting up regular consultation and discussion bodies such as the Match Committee and the Strategic Supporters' Council. 

  • Based on the respect of the freedom of association and the specific philosophy of each supporters' group, Olympique de Marseille undertakes, through the establishment of these regular meetings, to promote a lasting and stable relationship with this pillar of the club in compliance with the commitments made by the shareholder.

Cooperate in the development of associations recognised by Olympique de Marseille. 

  • Olympique de Marseille is committed to improving the conditions under which supporters are welcomed and can travel to Olympique de Marseille matches, while combating bans on fan travel and to developing joint charity initiatives. 

Specific work will immediately be carried out on the issue of smoke bombs in agreement with the fan groups concerned.

Olympique de Marseille and the associations recognised by the club (CAOM, CU 84, DODGER'S, FANATICS, MTP, WINNERS, HANDIFAN CLUB) have joined forces to ensure that the success of the sporting project will become the main focus of their relations. Thus, all the supporters of the North and South sections and the Ganay and Jean Bouin stands will be able to share their passion together.


Statement from Frank McCourt: "I was very pleased to meet the leaders of the supporters' groups in Marseille during my visit at the beginning of March. They expressed their willingness to work together to build a plan that recognises the importance of supporters to OM's success and denounces the use of violence. We agreed at that time to sit down at the same table to reach a new agreement. I am delighted with what has been achieved since then under the responsibility of Pablo, in conjunction with the groups. This has allowed us to define an agreement that lays the foundations for a closer relationship between the club and its supporters. This is how we will build, together, a new chapter for OM, placing the fans at the heart of the club."