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A Statement by Frank McCourt

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On Tuesday 24 August 2021 at 11:13
A Statement by OM Owner Frank McCourt

Sunday’s match between OM and OGC Nice should have been a moment to celebrate the beautiful game and the work that’s been done to bring players and fans safely back together. Instead, it turned into an upsetting and unfortunate display of violence.
I supported OM President Pablo Longoria’s decision to leave the pitch after it was clear that the safety of players and fans could not be guaranteed. I stand with him, our team members, the greater OM community, and all those who recognize that sharing the sport we love simply isn’t possible if we can’t take care of the people who make it special. I am committed to working with the league to ensure the safety of players and fans and to make certain that what happened Sunday in Nice is never repeated. Our players, fans, and game deserve better.