"OM without confession", the football religion in Marseille

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On Sunday 28 June 2020 at 07:00
An original 20-minute report touches on the passion for football in Marseille, illustrating how Olympique de Marseille is united with its city and supporters.

The city of Marseille is a symbol of diversity and multiculturalism. Olympique de Marseille is deeply rooted in anti-racism with a magnificent history carried by the fervor of its millions of diverse supporters in Marseille, France and around the World.

As tensions increase all around our society, it is important to show that football is about unity, sharing, coming together. A match in a stadium is a moment suspended around a common passion, transcending the challenges of everyday life in terms of age, sex, origin, religion or social category.

Bringing together three religious OM supporters: Father Nicolas Lubrano (Saint Barnabé les Caillols parish, 12th arr.), Imam Smaïn Bendjila (Institut Musulmans des Bleuets, 13ème arr.) and Rabbi Haïm Bendao (Israelite Consistory Ohel Yaacov, 14ème arr.), our journalist and writer Philippe Pujol wrote an exclusive documentary "L'OM sans confession", directed by Olympique de Marseille.