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Jean Robin, born in Marseille

Équipe de l'OM 1942/43
Team OM 1942/43 - Jean Robin second player squatting from the right.


Jean Robin has spent a large part of his life at Olympique de Marseille. The youngest supporters probably do not know him, but he’s the son of Pierre, a cork merchant who lives near the Old Port, and he has marked the history of OM. Jean Robin scored 66 goals during his period in Marseille in the first division, which makes him one of the best scorers in OM’s history.


Born on 25 July, 1921 in Marseille, "Jeannot" began his career with the Provencal club on 3 December, 1939 with an appearance against Saint-Etienne. He was named "Young Footballer" that year. His father enrolled him at the Olympique de Marseille on the day of his birth before declaring him in town hall. A very good striker and finalist in 1940 - even though he did not play in the final - Jean Robin evolves in Marseille from 1939 to 1953. During the 1942-1943 season, OM, led by the band of natives of Marseille -- Robin, Dard, Veneziano, Delachet, Scotti and Pironti -- scored 100 goals in the 30 league games.




Still a high school student, he won the Coupe de France with OM on 22 May, 1943 against Bordeaux at Parc des Princes (4-0). Jean Robin is only selected in the France B Team during his playing career. A very good creator, "Jeannot" also won was a Champion of France in 1948. During his playing career, the native of Marseille appeared in 111 league matches in the first division and 21 matches in the Coupe de France.


He hung up his boots in 1953 but his adventure with Olympique Marseille was far from ending. He later coached OM three times, success.


Félix Pironti et Jean Robin
Félix Pironti and Jean Robin in discussion.


"Jeannot", the coach


He first coached the Marseille club from 1956 to 1958, during which time he won the Drago Cup (1957). His first two seasons as an OM coach are positive with a fifth and sixth place finish. But, considered too soft and boyfriend with all the players, Jean Robin struggles to establish himself as the "boss" of the team and leaves the club in 1958, year in which the club almost go down in the second division. He returns to the bench of Olympique de Marseille during the 1963-1964 season but fails to get the team back into the elite and then in 1980 but it's too late to avoid relegation to D2. During his years as OM coaches, Jean Robin leads 79 first division league games, 45 D2 matches, 10 Drago Cup matches, 5 Coupe de France matches and 6 League Cup matches.


Jean Robin deplored during his Marseille periods the lack of confidence of the Marseille leaders towards young players trained at the club. "Jeannot" dies on October 8, 2004 at the age of 83 in Marseille.