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Georges Dard, 330 games with OM!

It is well known that supporters of Olympique de Marseille pamper the players. But still it is necessary to give everything on the field. This is what Georges Dard did brilliantly as an Olympien. Very few players have played at OM for more than 10 seasons but Georges Dard can boast of having this privilege.


Son of Gabriel Dard, president of the OM between 1924 and 1935, Georges played under the Phocéennes colors for 16 seasons! He played 330 games with the club in all competitions. He is just behind Jean Bastien, Francois Bracci, Roger Scotti and Steve Mandanda in games played.




Born in Marseille on 28 June, 1918, Dard made his first appearances with OM as a junior for six years, from 1930 to 1936. He started with OM as a professional during the 1936-1937 season. A very fast and very agile winger capable of shooting or crossing, he was a pure Marseillais champion. He was on loan to Sète the following season before returning to the fold one year later.


The striker, one meter seven, is a finalist of the Coupe de France on 5 May, 1940 against the Racing Club de Paris at Parc des Princes (2-1). But as a consolation prize, he won his second trophy with OM in 1943 and the sixth French Cup. He also scored a goal in this final in front of 32,000 spectators (4-0).


Georges is the twin brother of Roger, an Olympien for one season (1938-1939). These are the only twins that have ever played at OM. With Olympique de Marseille, Georges Dard showed his talents as a scorer on numerous occasions. He remains in the top 10 of the best scorers all-time in the league with 89 goals scored in 277 league games (France and Littoral).


Équipe de l'OM 1942/43
Team OM 1942/43 - Georges Dard is the first squatting player from the left.




He distinguished himself notably by scoring five goals in the victory against Avignon on 6 October, 1942. Georges Dard scored 106 goals in all competitions in 330 matches including 17 in the Coupe de France. He is also the best Marseille-born scorer.


The winger participated in the attack during the 1942-1943 season. Marseille -- led by local players Robin, Dard, Scotti and Pironti -- scored 100 goals in 30 league games that season.


During the 1947-1948 season, Dard played midfield with Roger Scotti and Englishman Cyril Martin and won his second French championship with OM. Winning this title, the French international (3 selections, 2 goals), who had not played the last two league games and disagreed with the Marseille leadership, leaves OM for Seville. A short time in Spain sees him return to the Canebière a year later. He then played his last five seasons in Marseille, from 1949 to 1954, before hanging up his boots at AS Gardanne in 1955. He died on 2 May, 2001 in Marseille.