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Marius Trésor, a "treasure" for OM

Marius Trésor is undoubtedly one of the best players that Olympique de Marseille has known. Excellent defender, Trésor played at OM for eight seasons, from 1972 to 1980.


Born in Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe in 1950, Trésor began his career in the local club of Juventus Sainte-Anne. He was then recruited by AC Ajaccio. He played his first games as a center forward in Corsica but he was quickly repositioned in central defense. He was named best French player of the year by France Football magazine.




Olympique de Marseille, then led by Kurt Linder, recruited Marius Treasury, in October 1972, Rolland Courbis and Robert Buigues - in particular - join the island club in the transaction. He started at the right defender position because Bernard Bosquier occupied the central spot but Treasury is slow to establish himself as the boss of the Olympien rearguard. The West Indian finally asserted himself as the soul of this team and this club, playing 298 matches with OM and scoring 12 times.


Marius Trésor au centre entouré de Jairzinho à gauche et de Paulo César à droite
Marius Treasure in the center surrounded by Jairzinho on the left and Paulo César on the right


Very powerful, very technical and possessing natural qualities above average, he was vice-champion of France in 1975 with the two world champions Paulo César and Jaïrzinho. He had a very good season 1975-1976 alongside Bracci, Zwunka and Boubacar. Marius won the Coupe de France with Marseille in 1976 beating Lyon (2-0). His only title with OM. A record not very rich but he was one of the best European defenders.


Trésor was also a force for France, where his tackles were of great class. They are very precious. He was selected 65 times for four productions. The match of France against the FRG is undoubtedly one of his best under the tricolor jersey despite the French defeat. Marius Trésor scored a magnificent goal at the start of the extra period.




At the end of the 1979-1980 season, the club moved down to the second division finishing in nineteenth place of D1 and Marius left the club in bad terms with the leaders. A few months earlier, Bayern Munich wanted to engage but the leaders of Marseille disagreed and the transfer flipped. He joined the Girondins de Bordeaux in 1980 and will finish his career at the end of the 1983-1984 year. He won a French championship in 1984 in Gironde, his last title.


Very appreciated, Treasure remains as one of the best defenders having played OM. A monumental defender.