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OM x Relais Vert

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On Thursday 24 September 2020 at 07:00
OM and Relais Vert, a partnership in favour of sustainable food.

On the occasion of the European week of sustainable development, the Olympique de Marseille takes a new step in its CSR policy by including for the first time a partner in its eco-responsibility project: the Carpentrassien group. Relais Vert, wholesaler in organic products since 1986.


This 3-year partnership is also part of a common and ambitious desire to develop actions through the Relais Vert Group's corporate foundation. The aim of the latter is to provide concrete solutions to sports event organisers to make their events more eco-friendly. These actions will address the issues of responsible food, CSR purchasing, waste management and public awareness. The Relais Vert Foundation is embarking on the creation of a label that will be awarded to events and/or structures that have improved in their ecological approach, a label with which OM could be associated. 


"OM is first and foremost a football club, but it is also more than a football club. This partnership demonstrates OM's desire to be a catalyst for change in order to promote responsible behaviour. Food is one of the greatest challenges of our time and by joining forces with Relais Vert, a committed player and expert in the field, we aim to have a direct positive impact on the health and awareness of our community through awareness-raising actions" explains Laurent Colette, Executive Vice President Marketing, Sales and International. 


"The Relais Vert Foundation is pleased to be able to support a sports club of this scale. Olympique de Marseille has grasped the climatic urgency of our times by implementing concrete solutions within the club and the stadium. It's up to us to support these efforts" confides Victor Nicolet, Director of the Relais Vert Foundation.


About Relais Vert  

The Relais Vert Group is a family business founded in 1986 by Jean-Louis Ginart. A wholesaler of 100% organic products (fresh, fruit and vegetables, frozen food, groceries, wines), it supplies organic specialist shops, restaurants and communities. The company has always been based in Carpentras, in the Vaucluse region of France, and remains a family business as it is 100% owned by Frédéric and Jérémie Ginart. With 250 employees and a €150 million turnover, the company continues to grow and to play a major role in the development of organic farming and its consumption. Today, the Group delivers daily to more than 1,200 customers throughout France and offers them more than 8,000 references stored in positive energy warehouses in Carpentras. The Group has also been investing for several years in products made in France (milk, poultry farming, cereals and legumes).