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Groupe purchase of OM x Selectra

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On Monday 18 January 2021 at 08:00
OM is committed to renewable electricity and gas in partnership with Selectra.

After cleaning up the creeks, promoting selective sorting or transforming the Orange Velodrome into a "sustainable" stadium, OM is continuing its action for the environment by offering its fans the opportunity to switch to renewable electricity and gas as part of an innovative partnership.


Switch to renewable electricity and gas AND reduce your bill


In partnership with SelectraOM is organising a joint purchase of renewable electricity and gas with a dual objective: to help OM's fan community switch to cleaner energy AND to save money on their energy bills.


While renewable energy offers are good for the environment, they are not necessarily more expensive than conventional offers. OM's fan community is so strong that, thanks to the strength of numbers, we can negotiate green energy AND very low prices.


In concrete terms, the operation takes place in three stages:
1. pre-registration: quick, free and without obligation, this allows you to show your interest in the operation. A drawing for prizes will be held among the pre-registered with a chance to win autographed jerseys and a day in the heart of OM!
2. Negotiation of the offer: Selectra sends out an invitation to tender to all the green suppliers on the market with particularly strict environmental criteria. This competitive bidding process helps to drive prices down: the average savings expected for each participant is between €150 and €200 per year.

3. Announcement of the winning bid: all pre-registered participants will receive an email presentation of the winning bid for the group purchase, details of the origin of the energy and an estimate of the savings that can be made. Everyone is then free to subscribe or not.


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What is renewable electricity?

Hydro-electricity, wind and solar power are the main sources of renewable electricity production. Each individual consumer is free to choose his or her energy supplier, and many suppliers today offer 100% renewable electricity.
On the grid, electricity is mixed from all sources of production. Traceability in the context of these green offers is therefore not physical, but economic: a system of "guarantees of origin" has been set up at European level to ensure that each kWh of renewable electricity consumed in the context of a green offer corresponds somewhere on the network to a production of renewable electricity. 
However, not all green offers are equally virtuous for the environment. To make a truly committed choice, it is necessary to study the energy supplier's electricity purchasing policy (e.g. to check that it buys directly from renewable producers), its energy mix, its contribution to reducing its customers' energy consumption, and other technical criteria.


How does renewable gas work?

The vast majority of natural gas consumed in France is a hydrocarbon extracted from deposits located abroad, in the same way as oil. This gas is composed of methane, a molecule with global warming power 28 times more powerful than CO2! However, its long-distance transport generates numerous leaks, aggravating the climatic impact of this energy.
In recent years, a more environmentally friendly option has emerged: biomethane. The fermentation of organic waste (e.g. of agricultural origin) in large tanks called methanisers generates biomethane, which can be injected into the natural gas network. The overall carbon balance of this sector is excellent because this organic waste would have fermented in the open air and released methane with a high global warming potential into the atmosphere.
As for electricity, an economic traceability system has been set up so that individual consumers can choose biomethane for their gas supply.

Why a partnership with Selectra

A leader of comparing gas and electric providers, is also the organiser of many successful group energy purchasing operations, notably in partnership with a well-known environmental association or consumer associations. Thanks to these experiences, Selectra has developed an expertise in selecting truly green and truly competitive offers, beyond the commercial discourse of suppliers, as well as in the technical organisation of group purchasing campaigns.